PTA Meeting Agenda Template

PTA Meeting Agenda Template

Successful schools always encourage an active participation of parents in their children’s education. This is certainly true for the organizations like the PTA and other parent-teacher groups, which provide the opportunities for the parents to get involved in their kids’ schooling. Although PTA provides various services to benefit schools, however, all of its chapters have to arrange meetings to discuss what needs to be done for the school as well as to evaluate past efforts.

A meeting agenda is a tool that is used by management in order to run their meeting effectively and efficiently. It is an important tool that gives the meeting participants an outline for topics that will be under discussion in the particular meeting. This makes it easy for them to be prepared for it as well as do some homework related to the topics, if required. Apart from this, the main advantage of a meeting agenda is that it not only keeps a meeting on the right track and on time, but also prevents pointless side discussions and distractions.

In order to get desired results from a meeting, it should be properly arranged and managed. Since the agenda has a significant impact on the way the meeting is being executed as well as the results of a meeting; therefore, it should always has information in the most rational and comprehensive form.

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PTA Meeting Agenda Template

The main purpose of a PTA meeting agenda to list meeting topics that needs to be discussed in the meeting. The first step in creating a meeting agenda is to list the invited participants, attendees, and the time selected for the meeting at the top of the meeting agenda. Then the next heading is “Objective”, in which the purpose for which the meeting is being called is written.

List the time selected for the different topics that need to be discussed in the meeting along with the brief topic descriptions. After adding the meeting topics, it is important to add a time limit to each topic on the agenda and strictly follow it so that all the topics can be discussed and the meeting could close on time. At the end of the meeting, announce any other meeting or upcoming events.

If meeting participants are required to prepare reports and/or updates on certain topics prior to meeting then give out the meeting agendas ahead of time. The outcomes of the PTA meeting are mostly depends on how well the participants are communicated. Therefore, it is important to develop the PTA meeting agenda on realistic and proper lines.

Before creating a meeting agenda, start with reviewing the minutes of the previous meeting. Look for any agenda topics that meeting participants were assigned to follow-up on. Include an appraisal of those outstanding issues with updates on their present statuses as a first agenda topic. Moreover, an open session discussion is an important part of a meeting. In a meeting agenda, reserve some time for meeting participants to bring forward their own issues to discuss in the meeting.

Since the importance of a meeting agenda cannot be denied, therefore, it should be created carefully. Follow the above mentioned guidelines to create a PTA meeting agenda easily, and save your time and energy.

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