Project Meeting Agenda Template

Project Meeting Agenda Template

Documentation, reading and writing has never lost its importance no matter which field of life we talk about. Business world has its own dire need of documentation for the purposes of signing deals, preparation of legal documents and many more. A meeting agenda is amongst one of the important documents needed from time to time whenever a meeting is to be held. Agendas can be of various types depending upon the subject of the meeting to be held. Project meeting agendas are made, as the name depicts, for the discussion of an ongoing or about to start project by a company.

Project meeting agendas are short documents which comprise of various sections which include important and critical information about the topics to be discussed in a project meeting. These agendas can have multiple subjects which need to be discussed by either one or different speakers during the course of that specific meeting.

Here is a good looking Project Meeting Agenda Template created by our team using MS Word,

Project Meeting Agenda Template

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Talking about the project meeting agenda the first thing one will see in a project agenda is the name of the company for which the meeting is being held. The name of the company comes prior to all other details which need to be mentioned in a project meeting agenda. In some cases, a logo or other information related to the company name is also included at the top of a meeting agenda document.

Following the company introduction which is brief comprising of only the company name in a meeting agenda comes the name of the project for which meeting has been called. This makes the document specific to that project and easier to sort afterwards. After that comes the status of the meeting like a normal routine or emergency meeting or urgent call for meeting etc. This is to keep the record of any unusual events that might have occurred during the project or before starting the project. The date and time of the meeting is also an important feature of the project meeting agenda. The purpose to mention date and time is just to facilitate the record keepers, just in case the document is required in future for any troubleshooting or reference purposes.

The main body of the project meeting agenda comprises of subjects that need to be discussed and pondered upon during the meeting time. The subjects should be mentioned in the order in which they will be discussed in the meeting. Subjects if more than one should be numbered or bulleted as per the choice of the author. The names of the speakers who are related to each subject should be mentioned across each subject. This information keeps all the members of meeting aware of the responsible person for each type of detail for that specific subject or problem.

Salutations like welcoming lines etc. can be added at the starting, after the time and date mentioning. Any next possible meeting and their time and venues should also be mentioned at the ending of the project meeting agenda.

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