Five Minutes Icebreakers for Business Meeting

The stress of work is already tiresome, and an alarm of upcoming meeting adds to the annoyance. The meeting is the event where team members are asked to prepare a project report, same old chant of profit and loss is repeated all over and finally a conclusion is made. If the decision is not made in one meeting, then there would be another round of the same dull event. As boring as the whole process of the meeting sounds, the meetings are far more boring than this in real. Hence, there are certain activities that a company must adopt to turn a dull meeting into an interesting one.

There are reasons why meetings are not anticipated. It is because, people do know each other, and then there is nothing fun about the meeting. Meetings are disciplined bound and there in no fun in sticking to the rules. It looks good and professional, but no fun. Therefore, it is quite essential to turn the dull faces of your meeting members into a bright one. Do not worry as there is something you can do about this. There are activities that break the routine of a boring Business Meeting and turn the meeting more interesting.

meeting icebreakers

The latest buzz under the fun and interesting section is Five Minutes Ice Breakers for Business Meeting. An ice breaker, in simple words, is an activity which breaks the trend and is totally unique. It is a short activity usually carried out to make the things interesting. Thus, there are so many activities that you can have as an Icebreaker, such as an Icebreaker game or an Icebreaker questionnaire session. These activities will surely help you in breaking the monotony of the meeting and let the members come out of their frozen area, stimulating their minds and helping them to use their brain most actively.

The best part of the Meeting Icebreakers is that they will not occupy a large amount of time but just five minutes. Various ice breaker games that you can play with your meeting members are fun facts like did you see it, famous faces, all together now, two truths and a lie, icebreaker questions, etc. If all the members participating in the meeting are new and do not know each other, then the icebreaker game to make them comfortable with each other is ‘all together new’.

In the game named ‘all together new’, the meeting members are divided into teams according to the total number of members and then all the members are asked to write down general details about them like their hobbies, favorite food, etc. Each team has to find out the common qualities of the group. This helps in promoting easy communication between the members of the meeting.

If the meeting members feel nervous about the leader, then icebreaker question game is best. This is a simple game where fun questions and general questions can be asked, like are you an early riser, or if you were a millionaire what would have you done, etc.

You can also play ‘toilet roll game’ in which toilet paper roll is passed around and everyone is asked to tear off the papers like what they normally do when they…“need it”. It’s quiet funny and increases the frankness level of the members present at the meeting table. But all depends on the meeting environment and the member’s choice.

Fun Icebreakers for Business Meeting

Meetings are very often interpreted as a tedious experience. There may be hardly a few people on this earth who show excitement for the business meeting. It is a kind of pressure imposed on them and they cannot decline the invitation to the meeting, and are present in that boring project discussion. This becomes a major reason for failure of meetings and the wrong decisions that are made in any business. And why not, when your brilliant employees are too bored, even they fell asleep, by dragging their brains to participate in the meeting by force, right results can never be obtained.

There are some Fun Icebreakers for Business Meeting that you can use in your meeting to clear up the air of stress from the meeting room. Also, these ice breakers help in easy introduction of the members to each other. The Icebreaker game can be played with individuals or in group form. Ice breakers provide an easy way out in making the members of the meeting feel comfortable with each other. Since, in Business Meeting, ice breakers are mainly about excluding the uncomfortable factor from the room, hence you must make use of those games which are about knowing the person more, such as a game for hobbies, etc.

When the meeting is after the office hours, chances are there that the members are already tired and feel very uninterested in the meeting. Hence, you should begin your meeting with the ice breaker game. The games that you can play as meeting openers are name tags, who are you, your history, etc. The most interesting game of all these is the ‘name tag game’. In this game, the members are asked to write down a nickname for every member of the meeting. Suppose there are 10 members, then each member writes down name tag for the rest 9 member. Now if there is a person X in the meeting, then everybody must have written a name tag for X so after writing the nick name pass on all the nicknames written for X to X. Now X can choose his favorite name tag and wear it throughout the meeting.

If you know the meeting is going to be a long one, then you can play ice breaker game in between the meeting. If there is an important issue that requires the whole concentration and attention of the meeting members, its better to have the Meeting Ice Breakers before that agenda. The games that you can adopt are ‘year of the coin’, ‘no smiling’, ‘hit with the roll’, etc.

In the ‘year of the coin’ game, every member is asked to pick a coin, mention a year on it, and state the specialty of that particular year. In ‘no smiling game’, you forbid the members from smiling, even when a joke is said, or something funny occurs. In ‘hit with the roll game’, everyone is asked to make paper rolls and then close the eyes and throw it in any blind direction. It is alright if you hit any member; this Fun Ice Breaker also increases the frankness level of the meeting members and they will feel more relaxed with each other.