How to Write Business Meeting Invitations?

A meeting is being held. Panic attack starts. Firstly, the panic is for the preparation. Second, the panic is for the invitations that are to be sent out. And finally, the panic is for the perfect execution of the meeting. But in all these, the most stressful problem is the panic for the invitations which decides the amount of importance that the receiver will give to the meeting. Relax! You are going to learn the simple procedure involved in writing the invitation for the meeting.

Let us first understand the meaning of the Business Meeting Invitation. It is just like any other invitation, but a formal one, in form of a letter sent to the members who would be joining the meeting. It states the cause of the meeting and other related important details.

meeting request

If you do not give enough attention to the invitation, it is more likely that the recipients of the invitation will also not give the desired attention to the invitation. Thus, it is important to master the art of writing the Meeting Invitation.

You can send the invitation through the electronic mail service or through the postal service. You can also make use of both the services. If you are following the first mode, then you need to first come up with the best subject line which explains the meeting agenda and also puts forward the importance to attend the meeting. People, even now consider letter on paper more important and urgent and thus many a times give less attention to the e-invitation. Therefore, while writing the e-invitation, the content should be more convincing and genuine. It should not be too long, but up to the point of attention covering the major details like the issues to be discussed upon, date, venue, time, and other necessary details.

If you are sending the invitation in printed form, you must follow a standard format and write it formally. You must refer to the recipient with the required salutation, which shows respect and then begin humbly describing the meeting agenda. Writing the agenda using bullets will make it clearer and less tiresome to read the letter. The invitation must include details which are mentioned above about the electronic form of Business Meeting Invitation. You can also mention a follow-up date before which the members can make all their queries about the meeting; the date should be one or two days prior the meeting date. A must detail that you have to include in the invitation is the contact details of the in charge person of the meeting.

To make your invitation in an organized and professional way that the recipients take interest in, you need to authenticate it and include all true and confirmed details in it. Proofread it twice before you finalize it and put a signature by the leader of the meeting or the head of the department. For more help, you can check the online available guidelines on how to write business meeting invitations.

If you are sending the invitation to the organization that is new, then you should also enclose an introduction or brochure of your company containing details like date of establishment, turnover and other strengths.

Sending Request for Business Meeting

The whole concept of business world demands a formal communication system. A person who is humble in his words is adored more and thus has a greater impact on the rest of the people associated with the organization. But if you are the leader of the organization or the group then the jovial and humble nature of yours should be touching with a sense of authority so that the subordinates do not take you lightly.

With a Business Meeting to be organized, sending out an invitation for the meeting is an important step. The invitation must also reflect the same humble attitude. In short, it must be more like a request, especially if you are sending the invitation to your client or to someone higher in position. Writing a simple invitation letter for the meeting can be considered easy, but writing a request for the meeting is not so simple. You have to be more cautious while writing a request letter for the meeting.

There are various modes that you can opt for sending a request for the meeting. You can send the invitation via the email, a printed letter, or share the same information on a Skype group. However, of all these modes of the request purpose, you should prefer sending the request through email or letter form. If you are lacking time and the meeting is round the corner, then email is the best option for you.

When writing a request letter for inviting the members for the meeting, you must follow a standard format. If your organization already has a predefined standard, then you must write following the same standard. If you do not have one, then you can utilize formats available online.

Some basic points that the request letter must contain are the sender’s name, designation, address of the organization, and most importantly the subject of letter, i.e. request for business meeting. This subject line needs to include the purpose of the meeting. After the subject line you need to address the recipient with a proper salutation. You can start with ‘Dear Sir/Ma’am ‘Name’ or ‘Respected Sir/Ma’am ‘Name’ or any appropriate words.

Next comes the main part, the body of the letter. This contains a detailed version of all the information that needs to be conveyed to the recipient regarding the meeting. This is where the knowledge of writing the Business Meeting Request plays an important role. The request can be effective only when you write the content in regard of recipient. You can ask for their valuable feedback which help in improving the whole meeting procedure or that can lead to the success of the meeting. Once the letter is over, you need to write two or three lines thanking them for their time and also for their participation in advance.

If the meeting is conducted with a new client, you can put a line telling them that you are eagerly waiting for the deal to be fixed and it must be a beneficial deal for both the organization.